Eat and cook with anyone, anywhere

Meet different people, places and cuisines

How Meetmeals work?

  • If you wanna be Chef...

  • Create your Meetmeal

    Describe what your menu will be, add a place, date, donation and complete the steps in the form.

  • Prepare your menu

    In the meantime you will be able to organize and prepare your menu just in time for your guests.

  • Receive your Guests

    It is the time to enjoy your Meetmeal. People will know your cuisine and you will meet new people.

  • If you wanna be Guest...

  • Search your city

    Choose a region where you want to enjoy a Meetmeal

  • Book your Meetmeal

    Browse and choose any Meetmeal you like. By booking and paying you will confirm your attendance.

  • Enjoy your Meetmeal

    Go to your appointment with the chef and the other guests to enjoy a new gastronomic experience

  • Reputation in the community

    Do you wanna eat with new people? Meet your Chef and Guests through their detailed profile. You will be able to look up reviews about each one of them, and so you will be able to review and be reviewed in every Meetmeal you attend.

  • Secure payments

    With you don't have to worry about your money. Payment transactions are completely secured and encrypted, you can use your credit card, debit card or your Paypal account. Besides Meetmeals protects both Chefs and Guests from any trouble by withholding the payment until the end of the gastronomic event, the "Meetmeal".

  • Internal Messaging

    Contact the Chef anytime through an internal message. Any last minute question? Are you 10 minutes late? Contact him with the Internal Messaging Tool, or by calling the Chef directly.